Urban Dictionary: Pulling a Leafa

Urban Dictionary: Pulling

English word that means to hook up with someone or make out with them, often at a party or nightclub. Tongues are often involved. You can also be ‘on the pull’, which means to seek out or pursue someone with whom you want to get off with (often a complete stranger).

Urban Dictionary: Pulling a Leo

Setting: The 83rd Annual Academy Awards Melissa Leo, upon receiving the Oscar: “When I watched Kate two years ago it looked so f***ing easy!” James Franco/Anne Hathaway: Thank you Melissa for Pulling a Leo.Just one more thing to make this night a disaster.

Urban Dictionary: pulling a letty

someone gets up and starts yelling at the teacher for giving them more homework thats pulling a letty or when someone comes up to you and says your style isn’t fresh and you freak out thats pulling a letty.

Urban Dictionary: Pulling A Lauren

Doing something really really stupid. Like. Extremely stupid. Very little people do these kind of idiot things, and when people do them you just think, Wow. You have to be pretty stupid to do those kind of stunts.

Urban Dictionary: Pulling a Leno

To give something to someone just long enough for them to figure out how to use it. Then take it back with no warning or remorse.

Urban Dictionary: leaf

verb meaning ‘to give up a big lead and lose at the last moment’, as the Toronto Maple Leafs did against the Boston Bruins in game 7 in the first round of the 2012/2013 NHL Playoffs.

Urban Dictionary: Pulling a LeBron

Giving a group of people false hope, then taking a rediculously gratuitous amount of time to ultimately shatter the said group’s hopes and dreams, and doing so in a selfish context.

Urban Dictionary: Pulling a Lance Stephenson

Pulling a Lance Stephenson name To blow into someone’s ear Brooklyn Nets veteran Kevin Garnett’s “trash-talking” was taken to another level by blowing In David West’s ear, pulling a Lance Stephenson .

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Urban Dictionary defines it thusly: “It does not matter how you do it. It’s a Fecal Mustache.

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