27-year-old man marries 70-year-old granny ▷ Tuko.co.ke

27-year-old man marries 70-year-old granny Tuko.co.ke

A 27-year-old man has shocked villagers following his intentions to marry a 70-year-old granny and what’s perplexing is the old woman claims she is pregnant. ☛ Find the real stories and opinions on Tuko.co.ke — Trustworthy Kenyan news portal

27-year-old man to marry 70-year-old woman who claims she

A 27-year-old Ugandan man, Steven Tikubuwana, is planning to marry his 70-year-old lover, Zaituni Nakanda, early next year in what he says would be a serious wedding, reports Uganda’s Sunday Vision.

Grandma, 72, marries man, 27, after only 3 months – Tuko

They might have a gap of 45 years between them but 72-year-old Angela Nwachukwu insists that she and her 27-year-old Nigerian husband CJ are very much in love. The two got married in April 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria, just three months after CJ added her on Facebook. In an interview with The Sun, Angela

Another 27 Years Old Man Marries 70 Years Old Oyinbo Woman

Jun 04, 2012 · Hey pals, what is this world tuning into?? remember the story about the 28 Years Old Naija guy, that Married an Old White Woman for “love/immigration papers” and also remember the story of the 26 Years Old UNIBEN Graduate Marries 63 Years Old European Lover [Photos] “for love” Now here is another 27 Years Old Man Marries 70 Years Old Oyinbo Woman, Could this be another real love or same old

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Tuko: 27-year-old man marries 70-year-old granny 16 Sep 2017 – – A young man,27 has moved in with a 70-year-old woman- The two, Steven Tikubuwana and Zaituni Nakanda plan to hold a wedding early 2018- The old woman who has never given birth claims she is now pregnant of the young manA 27-year-old man has shocked villagers

23-year-old man proposes to his 87-year-old lover — Kenyan

In a separate photo, the pair is captured passionately sharing a kiss and obviously enjoying the moment. According to the netizen who shared the story on Facebook, the 23-year-old groom decided to marry the 87-year-old white lady after growing tired of being disrespected by his fellow black ladies.

We set up a 69-year-old man with a 27-year-old woman


We set up a man and a woman with a 42-year age gap and filmed the public’s reaction. While most of the people were supportive, one woman said their relationship was about ‘money and sex’.

Murang’a man burnt to death by villagers for attacking

Trouble started when the man identified as Moses Thuku stormed the home of 27-year-old Agnes Muthoni on Monday, July 23, at about 8pm and attacked her with a machete leaving her with serious cuts on her hands, head and back.