Urban Dictionary: high jeans

Urban Dictionary: high jeans

1- (noun); food industry vernacular. term used to describe the practice of hiking one’s jeans up beyond acceptable limits. 2 – (adj); slang. colorful description (usually on fridays) for food service cashiers

Urban Dictionary: high waters

pants that are unintentionally short in the hem. you can wear them in a flood and they won’t get wet. aka floods

Urban Dictionary: mom jeans

Often seen on the 40+ crowd, mom jeans are too high, too tight, tapered leg jeans which manage to showcase any bodily flaw the wearer has. Possible outcomes: The butt will be compressed so it doesn’t stick out, it will instead be pushed to the sides, making it look far wider than it actually is.

Urban Dictionary: Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans – Noun – Derogatory nickname for a hipster or preppy metrosexual loser who can’t relax, even while on a vacation, and is compelled to work and go for a run every morning so to not gain even 1 pound for 1 day and be in good with the boss.

Urban Dictionary: White Jeans

a terrible idea, always. even if you listen to dubstep. limited to house painters and those recently out of the closet. unless you are famous or gay their should be no excuse. they get dirty real fast. in a local questionnaire, they were voted in majority, gross.

Urban Dictionary: high iq


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Urban Dictionary: high key

High-Key If we say a painting is “high-key” we mean that most or all of the image is light or pale in value. For example, colours mixed with white, called ” pastels ” or ” tints “, are high-key. It’s the opposite of ” low-key “, of course.

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Urban Dictionary defines it thusly: “It does not matter how you do it. It’s a Fecal Mustache.

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