Has anyone used ‘Shields Up’ Firewall intrusion testing?

Has anyone used ‘Shields Up’ Firewall intrusion testing

Mar 26, 2015 · Please be aware that whilst Shields Up will tell you what ports may be open, it doesn’t actually try and use them to get in and “do anything”. It also doesn’t do a full port test as standard and onlytests the first 1056 ports.

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NO INFORMATION gained from your use of these services will be retained, viewed or used by us or anyone else in any way for any purpose whatsoever. If you are using a personal firewall product which LOGS contacts by other systems, you should expect to see entries from this site’s probing IP addresses: Since we own this IP range, these packets will be from us and will …

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However, when testing the effectiveness of firewalls and intrusion detection systems, use the default, which is a randomized port order, in addition to randomizing the order in which hosts are scanned by using the randomize-hosts option, which can be abbreviated to –rH.

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ShieldsUP Tests Your Firewall for Vulnerabilities – Lifehacker


Browser-based utility ShieldsUP! tests your firewall for vulnerabilities and kinks in your computer’s defense. Advertisement After you give ShieldsUP! permission to run tests on your computer and choose a test type, it looks for weaknesses and openings that …

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How to test your Firewall software RECOMMENDED: Click here to repair Windows problems & optimize system performance The Windows 10 operating system offers a powerful built-in Windows Firewall that prevents hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your computer through a …

Using Shields Up To Test Firewall Vulnerabilities – YouTube

Nov 10, 2012 · Using Gibson Research Corporation’s Shields Up to test for firewall vulnerabilities www,grc.com.

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Oct 22, 2010 · NAT would then come into play and the Shields Up results would be for whatever device has the actual public IP address. In your case, that is probably not the computer. Your software firewall may still be configured to stealth all ports.

[Rant] GRC’s Shields Up! and “true stealth” – firewall

Aug 06, 2008 · [Rant] GRC’s Shields Up! and “true stealth” – firewall test or harmful FUD? Discussion in ‘other firewalls’ started by doktornotor, Aug 4, 2008.