is pc decrapifier safe or will ccleaner do the job?

is pc decrapifier safe or will ccleaner do the job

Nov 21, 2008 · Re: is pc decrapifier safe or will ccleaner do the job? Posted: 05-Jan-2011 | 10:26AM • Permalink thank you all good advice :), I had orig’ planned on …

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PC Decrapifier 100% legit ? – Windows 7 Help Forums

Jul 29, 2011 · Decrapifier is legitimate. It puts together the most likely bloatware PC manufacturers install on their machines. Then makes it easy to uninstall whatever the user doesn’t want. You can usually do the same thing manually from the control panel > programs and features.

How good is PC Decrapifier? – Forum Thread – Tech Advisor

Aug 05, 2016 · CCleaner has been so good, and so reliable that I have not felt any need to try other utilities. Long ago I discovered that it’s perfectly safe to delete everything it finds.

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Jan 31, 2013 · There are a multitude of utilities available for ridding a PC of junk data, applications, and malware, but there are three in particular that we find indispensable—the aforementioned PC Decrapifier, CCleaner, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. A fourth handy tool is Windows’ own built-in Disk Cleanup utility, but it’s more of a quick-and-dirty tool for wiping temporary data rather than a full-blown utility.

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It’s a very nice but rather simple app. All it does is uninstall things in bulk. Reinstalling a clean copy of Windows on a new computer is better, but PC Decrapifier is a good backup if you don’t want to reinstall.

Top responsesRedditMost of these types of things are bunk, yes. By the time your pc gets to a level where you would consider using a decrapifier the only thing that will help you is … read more3 votesCcleaner works.2 votesAll it does is launch the uninstall programs one after another Nothing really to it1 voteAlle anzeigen

PC Decrapifier problem – Windows 7 Help Forums

Mar 23, 2013 · Programs like Decrapifier & Defraggler I wouldn’t use but that is my personal choice. I use Silverlight on Microsoft’s web sites. The point is you have to decide what you want to remove we can only give guidance.

PC Decrapifier reviews and fraud and scam reports. Is

To create PC Decrapifier review we checked reputation at lots of sites, including Siteadvisor and MyWOT. We found that Pcdecrapifier is safe for children and does not look fraudulent.

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Dec 13, 2010 · Wrong! Buy any new PC, and you’ll find it full of “craplets”–software installed for no reason other than that the PC maker gets paid to put it there. These craplets slow down your PC startup and its general operation. Dell is particularly notorious for filling new PCs with craplets. The free PC DeCrapifier removes dozens of craplets automatically.

The PC Decrapifier

The PC Decrapifier is a program designed to suggest and remove unwanted software. It can be used to clean off most of the annoying software that is typically shipped with new PCs.