Craig Cobb, White Supremacist, Arrested On 3 Counts Of Terrorizing

Craig Cobb, White Supremacist, Arrested On 3 Counts Of

Nov 19, 2013 · Craig Cobb, a white supremacist who recently found out he’s part black, was arrested on Saturday according to a report from The Bismark Tribune. Cobb and fellow neo-Nazi Kynan Dutton were taken into custody after Leith, N.D., residents called 911 to tell police that the men had confronted them with a rifle and a shotgun.

Craig Cobb, White Supremacist, Arrested On 3 Counts Of

Craig Cobb, 62, the White supremacist who very publicly discovered that he was 14 percent Black last week, was arrested and charged with three counts of terrorism on …

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Cobb is known for his movement to dominate the city of Leith, North Dakota, with other white supremacists. The community has around 32 inhabitants. Cobb, who moved to Leith in 2012, attracted other white supremacists to the town and displayed white nationalist paraphernalia on his properties.

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After DNA test, white supremacist charged with terrorizing

And Cobb’s standing plot to take over the tiny town of Leith and create a white-supremacist enclave, is now threatened by charges that he used a gun to terrorize several of the town’s residents along with another supremacist over the weekend.

Probation over for N.D. white supremacist Craig Cobb

But in November 2013, Cobb and Kynan Dutton were arrested and charged with terrorizing after an armed patrol through Leith. They both eventually accepted plea agreements — Cobb pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of menacing and one felony count of terrorizing.

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Craig Cobb is best known for his botched effort to transform the tiny hamlet of Leith, N.D., into an Aryan stronghold, a secret campaign which ultimately landed him in jail and, in 2014, on four years of probation while tethered to a monitoring device.

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Instead, he got arrested: Craig Cobb’s attempts to turn Leith, N.D., into a white-supremacist enclave have hit a wall now that he’s in a local jail, accused of terrorizing townsfolk.

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White supremacist arrested on 3 counts Craig Cobb is not someone who takes affronts to his swayed beliefs lightly. After receiving national media attention and much verbal lashing from commentators on television and the internet, Cobb decided to strike back.

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Nov 19, 2013 · “It’s been a tough month for Craig Cobb. After the North Dakota white supremacist went on a TV show and got back the results of a DNA test that showed he was 14% black, he has since been arrested after allegedly running around Leith, N.D., with a gun.

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Cobb has expressed a desire to turn the town into a white nationalist community. As a reaction to Cobb, some locals have advocated to disincorporate Leith back into Grant County proper. [8] In November 2013 Cobb was arrested and charged with three counts of terrorizing stemming from an incident in which he confronted another town resident with both a shotgun and a rifle.

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