How to avoid buying rancid or counterfeit olive oil

How to avoid buying rancid or counterfeit olive oil

Only buy “extra virgin” olive oil. Even if much of that is faked, know that things just labeled “olive oil” or “pure olive oil” are even more likely to be poor quality. In the book, Olmsted recommends certain producers, including McEvoy Ranch from California; Cobram Estate from Australia; or …

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Buy olive oil in dark glass bottles, tins, or other opaque containers. Clear glass bottles might be aesthetically pleasing, but they do not protect the oils from natural or artificial light. (Prolonged exposure to light hastens deterioration of the oil.) At home, store …

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The trick is to buy your olive oil locally. Skip the middle man and get your olive oil directly from the source – the farmer himself. According to Food Renegade : “…almost all olive oil adulteration happens with the middle men — the people who buy olive oil in bulk from individual farmers and collect it in bulk to sell to corporate buyers.

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In other cases, a bottle labeled “extra-virgin olive oil” may not be olive oil at all, just a seed oil like sunflower made to look and smell like olive oil with a few drops of chlorophyll and beta-carotene.

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If a bottle of quality extra virgin olive oil isn’t used within 2 years of harvest, it goes rancid. Check the harvest date on the bottle, or at the very least the ‘best by’ date. Make sure it is no older than 12-18 months, especially if you plan on storing it for a few months.

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• Ensure that your oil is labelled “extra virgin,” since other categories—”pure” or “light” oil, “olive oil” and “olive pomace oil” – have undergone chemical refinement. • Try to buy oils only from this year’s harvest – look for bottles with a date of harvest.

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Never buy anything that doesn’t say “extra-virgin” on the label. The phrase alone isn’t a guarantee, …

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I’ve read that you’re better off trying to buy local olive oil because olive oil goes rancid quickly and by the time we receive it in the US from Italy or any other country, it’s already rancid even if it was actually a good oil to start with.

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We’ve shown you a few tips before for how to tell legitimate olive oil from the fake ones, but if you’re in a hurry or just want a shortcut, consider reaching for the brands that tested best.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fraud: A Guide to Purchasing Olive Oil

Before you decide to never buy extra virgin olive oil again, please keep in mind that even though some brands failed the test, there are many exceptionally fine brands of extra virgin olive oil produced in the United States and in Europe, which meet the standards. Avoid olive-pomace oil. Pure olive oil and light olive oil are refined oils