Chris Farley Was Originally The Voice of Shrek–And Footage Has Finally

Chris Farley Was Originally The Voice of Shrek–And Footage

Chris Farley never really got his due. A comedic actor with impeccable timing, physicality, voice modulation, and a willingness to go all the way, he too often got pigeonholed into the self

Chris Farley — Lost ‘Shrek’ Footage Finally Unearthed

Aug 06, 2015 · Video ansehen · Farley completed nearly all of his dialogue for the movie before he passed away, opening the door for Mike Myers to transform the role into his own. The video is just a series of storyboards and features Farley voicing Shrek and, of course, Eddie Murphy as Donkey.

Chris Farley Was The Original Voice Of ‘Shrek’, Lost

The world has long forgotten that Shrek was originally voiced by the late Chris Farley. But thanks to the discovery of a lost footage, we can finally hear how everybody’s favorite ogre was supposed to sound.

[WATCH] Chris Farley As ‘Shrek’ Leaked Footage – UPROXX

Footage showing Chris Farley in the role of ’Shrek’ has leaked online, surely making fans wonder what might’ve been.

Early Shrek Footage Reveals Chris Farley’s Version Of The Ogre

As the story goes, Farley had recorded 80 % – 90 % of Shrek before his untimely death in December of that same year, and that work was shelved. As you can hear in Farley’s performance, Shrek originally sounded more or less like Chris Farley’s natural speaking voice.

Hear Chris Farley as Shrek in Long Lost Footage – MovieWeb

And it would have been the role of a lifetime for him, as we get to see in a newly discovered story reel, where he actually lends his voice to the character for the first time. Most people don’t know that Chris Farley was cast as Shrek .

Footage Of Chris Farley’s Shrek Shows A Flawed But

It’s been a wonderful week for Chris Farley fans. The Farley doc I Am Chris Farley opened in theaters on Friday (it hits VOD next Tuesday). Then Farley starred in Mission: Impossible ‐ Rogue Nation. Kinda. And yesterday, the secret wish of every Farley fan finally came true: a clip of Farley’s unreleased Shrek voice recordings were discovered online.